Machine Learning + Human Learning



About the Project

This project is a collaboration between the Center for Curriculum Redesign (“CCR” - led by Charles Fadel), and the Laboratory for the Science of Individuality (led by Todd Rose).

In Spring 2018, under sponsorship from Dr. Todd Rose (Mind, Brain & Education) and Dr. Chris Dede (Technology in Education program), Charles Fadel taught the first-ever module (HT510a) titled “Machine Learning + Human Learning”. It explored the topic “How can Machine Learning (ML) foster and shoulder Human Learning?”

This Project will continue researching:

  • Pedagogical models: how can ML help produce assessments for learning? Using feedback mechanisms (questions, hints, haptics, etc.); using “productive failure” to explore questions and make mistakes.
  • Learner models: personalization possibilities such as emotional states; learner engagement; learner progressions; meta-learning loops.

Contact Information
For more information about the project or to participate, please contact Charles Fadel (


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