The End of Average: How we Succeed in a World that Values Sameness


Modern science has proven that people behave and learn in distinctive ways. And yet these individual patterns get lost in our institutions of opportunity—from education to the workforce—which remain rooted in the misguided belief that statistical averages are good enough to understand individuals and identify their unique talents. Standardized tests, grading systems, job applicant profiling, performance reviews—they invariably ignore our differences and ultimately fail at measuring our capacity for success.

In this first popular book on the science of the individual, Todd Rose, a pioneer in the field draws on the latest research to show how, when we focus on individual findings rather than group findings or averages, we can rethink the world and everyone’s potential in it. By understanding the three “principles of individuality”—the principle of the jaggedness, the principle of context, and the principle of pathways—we can avoid setting ourselves and those we are tasked with helping succeed (our children, students, employees) up for repeated failure and instead find the right path for success.

The End of Average reminds us that we are not anything close to average—because the average is a statistical myth—and presents a new way of understanding and maximizing everyone’s potential.

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Last updated on 10/26/2018